Monday, April 22, 2013


In one moment, lives are lost
People are hurt
A killer disappears
The Land of the Free
Is suddenly locked down by fear
But we come back
We always do after tragedy
In time, life continues
And we go back to our lives
Oklahoma City. New York. Columbine.
Aurora. Newtown. Boston.
And many more before or since
Once the wounds heal, a new skin grows
We become tougher and say "Never again."
But "Again" comes upon us too soon
And we are once again face to face
With the meaning of evil
The skin gets tougher once again
Each time we come face to face
With the three headed beast that haunts us
And wants us to be afraid
Why does there need to be an answer
Each time it happens?
Why do we try to find the human
In someone that isn't?
How can you find forgivenss
In something that is not forgivable?